design lead, ux, UI, visual

delivered in Feb 2013

iwanthoney is a simple wishlist app – search, add and share your wishlist.


design lead, ux, UI, visual, front-end

delivered in May 2012

simplehoney is a travel startup aiming to make travel simple through understanding the user, their persona and preferences.
user love: http://bundlr.com/b/simplehoney-love


identity, UI, IA, visual design

delivered in Apr 2009

JamiQ is a social monitoring application that allows organisations to monitor keywords with comprehensive analytics. Working closely with JamiQ’s team, I helped with the visual identity and design, producing hi-definition wireframes for the initial prototype, as well as template integration.

This is a project close to my heart as I was involved holistically from the start to release.

JamiQ website
JamiQ app hi-def wireframe


icon, visual design, UI

delivered in Oct 2010

The creator of freeaudiobooks wanted a customized playing interface that didn't look like a standard media playing interface yet remained simple to use in terms of touch interactions. I designed an UI that leveraged on the use of type – allowing the playing experience to be simple, minimal, yet elegant and readable.

Free audiobooks UI

Pickering Pacific

identity refresh, IA, visual design, print design, wordpress integration

delivered in Apr 2010

Pickering Pacific is a Singapore-based mergers and acquisitions firm with a primary focus in Asia. They wanted a visual refresh of their previous collateral, from the identity to the website, complete with their print material.

I designed a site which content was carefully architected in collaboration with the client, along with custom designed sections, all fully integrated in Wordpress.

Visit the site to experience the design.

view site
Pickering Pacific highlight I
Pickering Pacific highlight II
Pickering Pacific website
Pickering Pacific brochure


IA, visual design, drupal integration

delivered in Mar 2010

Webwise Solutions specialises in delivering drupal-based solutions to online communities. They commissioned me for a revamp. Their new site is designed with a unique grid with strategically-placed content. I handled the entire process from the information architecture to the visual design and finally integrating the design to a fully customized drupal theme.

view site
Webwise's website